Our Services

Preventative (Wellness) Services

  • Puppy and Kitten Care
  • Vaccinations tailored to your pet's needs and risks as adults
  • Wellness Exams, Senior Care, Pain Management
  • Dental Care, Parasite Prevention and Control, Nutritional Guidance
  • Digital Radiology, Microchipping
  • In-House Comprehensive Bloodwork, Laboratory Services, Digital Radiography
  • Companion Therapeutic Laser Therapy


General Surgery

Dr. Gamber provides a wide variety of surgical procedures.  From routine surgeries such as spaying, neutering, and mass (tumor) removals to more advanced procedures such as orthopedic surgery, we make every effort to ensure that your pet receives the best care.

Every pet that is anesthetized has pre-anesthetic blood-work performed to ensure that no underlying issues are present to place your pet at risk. Our veterinary team is focused on the safety of your pet, the best pain management protocol, and the latest advances in anesthesia monitoring.

We know that surgery can be a source of stress and anxiety so we will do our best to address your concerns about anesthesia, pain management, and post-operative care.



Laser Surgery

Many surgical procedures can be performed with the surgical laser with noticeable benefit, particularly to decrease intra-operative bleeding and post-surgical pain and swelling. Declawing using the surgical laser allows for little to no bleeding and is much less painful with a quicker recovery than traditional declawing.  Procedures that are highly vascular done with the laser increase visibility and the procedure becomes easier and faster.


Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Gamber has been performing orthopedic surgeries since 1999 when she began being mentored by Terry Owen, DVM. The most common procedures include cruciate ligament repair and patellar luxation repair. She finds these surgeries extremely rewarding by helping pets regain their mobility and once again enjoy life with the rest of the family.


Therapeutic Laser/ Rehabilitation

The Therapeutic Laser is a noninvasive deep penetrating light source that works on a cellular level to decrease pain, decrease inflammation, and speed healing. Common uses for the laser are arthritis, wounds, anal gland abscesses, bladder infections, post-surgically to reduce pain, and after invasive trauma or procedures. The frequency of therapy is tailored according to your pet's needs and progress. 


After orthopedic procedures, physical therapy is necessary for a successful outcome and return to mobility. Much of this can be done at home, but the Therapeutic Laser can be useful to ease discomfort and speed recovery.


Dental Care

Dental disease is among the most common medical problems in pets, and often the most overlooked.  We are committed to promoting good oral healthcare for all pets, a big part of which is anesthetic dental cleanings. Anesthetic dental cleanings involve scaling all the tartar off the teeth, both above and below the gumline, polishing them to remove any etches and smoothe any defects in their surfaces, and applying a fluoride treatment to help prevent plaque and tartar accumulation. Dental radiographs are taken during all dental procedures. Dental X-rays in dogs are similar to those taken in humans. An X-ray machine using small amounts of radiation, is used to see the inside of your dog's teeth and those areas below the gum line that are hidden from view. After a thorough cleaning, we examine all teeth for areas of gum or bone loss, any broken teeth, or areas of sensitivity. If any are identified that need to be removed, we block the nerves to numb the area to help keep your pet more comfortable throughout the procedure and into recovery. Diseased teeth are removed, and patients go home on pain medications and a soft diet for about a week before returning to their regular diet. After a dental cleaning, we discuss home care options to help keep tartar from building back up, such as brushing and dental treats.


Any surgery can be a source of stress and anxiety. We are committed to taking adequate precautions by performing pre-anesthetic bloodwork and evaluation to evaluate overall health before anesthesia. Our monitoring protocol, pain management, and post-operative care and medication will ease your mind. We welcome your questions and will do all that we can to ensure that you and your pet have a positive experience. We encourage dental healthcare in all phases of your pet's life because we know that declining dental health can be very detrimental to many body systems, painful, and can shorten your pet's lives.


Laboratory Diagnostics

We have the ability to perform in-house diagnostics for emergency situations and speedy diagnosis and treatment, including comprehensive bloodwork, urinalysis, fecals, and x-rays. We also use several outpatient laboratories for more in-depth diagnosis.



We offer digital radiology for a more clean picture. This offers better quality and ease of sending x-rays to a radiologist via the internet in a matter of minutes, or to other specialists if necessary to help ensure that all members of your pet's care team have the information they need to treat them.

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